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Would you like to know how we’ve been able to almost double our opt-in conversion rate and increase the responsiveness of our lists overnight?

Now I know that might seem like a bold claim and I’m going to let you in on our little secret very soon… But first

Everyone tells you ‘The Money Is In The List’ right? And that once you have a list you can make money at the ‘push of a button’

Well think about this… if 50% of the people on your list were to do this then you slash in half instantly the number of people who’ll ever see your email

Messages going to junk, being lost in a sea of other emails… and the open rate based on relevancy to the reader! (you know whether it excites them or not)

BUT ONLY when the list is targeted and is made up of peoples PRIMARY and most responsive email addresses.

If you have something your visitor wants, and they feel they can trust you they’ll give you their details (or a set of details they don’t mind giving to someone they don’t really know)

So the key is to overcome their fears, gain REAL trust in order to get access to the email address they check everyday.

An association with someone or something of immense credibility and a person or service they use everyday and already freely give information too.

What is just about the ONLY website you happily give often very personal information to almost without question?

We happily provide them with our primary email address, full name, date of birth, telephone number, place of birth, current location, personal photo’s…

So would you agree then by being associated with or perceived to be associated with Facebook you could gain peoples trust?

In the early days this did indeed increase conversions for the very reasons we’ve mentioned above BUT things have changed…

With the almost daily addition of new FB Applications, it seems we receive endless requests from developers for permission to contact us on our profile…

To share with our friends their products and services, diluting the potency of this method for this purpose

Well you see once you’ve clicked the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button you then have to ‘Allow’ this interaction…

This Step shows, supported by our own extensive testing results… people abandon the process before completion.

Taking lessons learnt using FB Connect and extreme testing of multiple optin forms over a number of years online, we’ve come up with a solution…

FB Response using the *Open Graph* technology, effortlessly auto populating your optin forms with the visitors Facebook profile name and email address…

Ensuring that you receive a highly responsive email address direct to your auto-responder service INSTANTLY!

Plus… just in case your visitor really doesn’t want to leave those details FB Response also gives them the option to submit another address…

Tested and proven time and time again against our own already industry beating controls… FB Response will without doubt send your optin conversions skyward.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to add this underground technology to your marketing arsenal before everyone else…

After years of testing online (even before we uncovered FB Response) we’d already mastered the art of creating unusually high converting optin pages…

I’m talking about pages that consistently convert at over 30% often converting at 45% or more… in ANY Niche!

Meaning for every 100 visitors to our pages we ADD 30 – 45 subscribers to our lists as a minimum! (you see how powerful that is?)

And to make sure you REALLY do see a massive increase in the number of optins and the responsiveness of your lists

Each template has been tested rigorously and is used everyday in our own business, across multiple niches – consistently generating optin rates of 30 – 45%

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We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us for a full and courteous refund.

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