FB Connecter

Dear Facebook Marketer, Besides the autoresponder…this is, quite possibly, the most powerful list-building tool ever created! FB Connect allows you to use "Facebook Connect" Technology to get higher conversion rates and build a list of active, verified emails! Why is that a big deal?

Click The Connect With Facebook Button Below To See The App In Action – You will be returned to this page whether you choose to allow the app or not. ( For you this means you can direct your customers to any affiliate offer or website of your choice even if they don’t want to allow the app! )

OMG! How slick is your app? All I did was enter the list name, a couple of URLs, and select my button. Pasted the code it gave me into a Facebook page, then went to my finished page and clicked the button. Within minutes I was signed up to one of my mailing lists. I’ve never put up any squeeze page this quickly. And, the way it works from the customer end is fantastic. Kevin Riley Osaka, Japan

I was able to create a new Facebook optin link for my website in a matter of seconds. Optin forms come in many shapes and sizes. This one is a perfect fit for everyone. If you want to increase your opt ins like me, then this is a must have no brainer! Thank you so much for creating this for me." Keith Carberry TheIronMarketer.com

Here’s exactly how it works: when someone clicks on your FB Connect link, they’re taken to the "Request for Permission" page at Facebook. If they Allow the App, they are added to your list and sent to the "Landing Page" set in your autoresponder code or back office.

NEW! You can now customize your "Request for Permission" page with YOUR name and photo! (see screenshot below).

NEW! You can now post an update on the users wall automatically when they opt in to receive your free gift!

Not only can you get more subscribers, but you’ll have a higher QUALITY LIST of active, verified subscribers who check their email every day. Who doesn’t check their Facebook email? Just imagine the subject lines you could come up with to boost your open rates! Here’s another idea…add a Facebook Optin button to your existing squeeze pages as an "option" for your visitors to enter their email or connect securely with Facebook! I could go on and on with the possibilities. But I’m going to leave the rest to your imagination. I think you know this technology is going to be HOT! And FB Connecter is the only software to make it point-and-click easy…

You can make squeeze pages like the one below in minutes! Just create a new page in WordPress, select a template, enter a headline, and select a few options…Your squeeze page is instantly created and ready to get subscribers!

Ready to get started? Click the Buy Now button below for instant access to the member’s area. You’ll have, LIFETIME access to the software (no monthly payments) in just a few minutes…

Start using FB Connect to build an active list of verified subscribers today. If you’re not thrilled with this software by tomorrow morning, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately. In fact, you can use the software for a full 60 days and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know during that time and we’ll refund your money.

I can’t believe just how easy it was to set the OptinApp up. There are only 4 things that you enter and it generates you a link. I have never seen a link act as an optin form before. I will be adding this to ALL my sites. Since the App works with almost any autoresponder, you would be stupid not to add this to your list building arsenal! Chad Van Norman

I tested this app out with some skepticism, as I have been using two different autoresponders, and had found that getting people from the optin phase to the confirmed phase was quite a hassle. Either people would get distracted by something else before they received the confirmation email or they forgot that they had requested information at all. But with this app, I filled out 4 fields, received some code that I added to my existing optin page, and now my prospects have a second option to get their free report. They can fill out the form, wait for an email and then click on the link… or they click on the Instant Facebook Access button, click the confirmation button on the page that comes up in Facebook, and they are taken to the download page! Talk about making it easy for my prospects to become subscribers! Thanks a bunch for an app that will revolutionize the squeeze page! Micheal Savoie HostingForProfit.com

FB Connect is right on time – the perfect solution to the decreasing opt-in rates and increasing use of social media in the Internet marketing industry. This simple and effective tool will be a definite trend setter and a mile-stone as far as list-building is concerned. Simply put, BRILLIANT! -Shannon Murphy

This is one of the best software applicationss of 2011 that I have seen so far. It is easy to set up, very straight forward to use, and best of all, it works like magic! I will say this: I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this OptinApp concept before. It really is a game changer and gives a cutting edge advantage to those who use it to build their mailing lists. A special "thanks" to You for sharing this awesome tool with the world! Konrad Braun EmpireMarketing.ca

"I love this app! Sooo easy to use. I mean, ridiculously easy. Just put a couple of fields in, copy and paste a couple of lines of code, and you’re good to go. And you have to keep in mind, the QUALITY of the email…