Exploring the Brahmaputra : Harish Kapadia | IMF Webinars Vol. 8 | Exploration

When Sara Shepard said “The Best Secrets are the Most Twisted”, she probably did not mean it quite so literally. Yet that is exactly what Harish Kapadia’s 2004 exploration of the Brahmaputra turned out to reveal. The Tsangpo flowing from Tibet, after a long journey enters India to be known as the Siang. Later it is called Brahmaputra in the plains of Assam. Many great names ventured to explore the course of the river. However the last few kilometres in India were never physically trekked due to a variety of reasons. This webinar narrates the history of the Tsangpo, and the Final Exploration of the mysterious twisted S-Bend by Harish Kapadia.

Harish Kapadia, born and residing in Mumbai, Mountaineer, Explorer and Writer received worldwide recognition for his long-standing commitment to geographical explorations in the Himalaya and Eastern Karakoram. By promoting awareness of the unknown valleys, its history and people and by drawing attention of the trekking and mountaineering world to the beauty of their peaks, he has made a unique contribution to the development of trekking and mountaineering in the Himalaya and the Karakoram. He has led more than 35 expeditions and published 17 books in addition to a large number of articles and papers on his experiences. He was Honorary Editor of the prestigious Himalayan Journal for three decades and is now the Editor Emeritus of the Himalayan Club.

He is Honorary Member of several International mountaineering clubs. He has received numerous awards which include Tensing Norgay Adventure Award from the President of India, Patrons Royal Medal from the Royal Geographical Society, London and the Piolet’s D’or Asia for Life Time achievements. All his work is dedicated to his younger son, an Indian Army Officer, Lt Nawang Kapadia who sacrificed his life for defence of the country.

Harish Kapadia’s detailed report on his Tsangpo expedition can be seen here : http://www.harishkapadia.com/downloads/2004-tsangpo-arunachal-report.pdf

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