EGU WEBINARS – EGU journals: open access publishing, public peer review and the new EGUsphere

The EGU, through Copernicus Publications, publishes 18 peer-reviewed, open access journals that cover various topics within the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Not only are these EGU journals open access but they also provide an open discussion forum which allows an open review, open discussion and transparent evaluation.

This webinar explains the interactive public peer review system, the role of the EGU’s publication committee, how you can publish in an EGU Journal effectively and briefly outlines the new EGUsphere! The webinar lasts approximately 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions from participants.

We hope that you enjoyed watching the European Geosciences Union’s first webinar. You will find a copy of each of the panellist’s presentations below:
• Katja Fennel: https://cloud.egu.eu/s/8SaWRetdwbYsHa4
• Martin Rasmussen: https://cloud.egu.eu/s/JsEt9Qsa4tBiBnN
• Alberto Montanari: https://cloud.egu.eu/s/MFyozFan83MDC8Q

You can find further information about the EGU journals here: https://www.egu.eu/publications/

For more information about future webinars visit: https://www.egu.eu/webinars/

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