Ecler Webinars: EclerNet Manager Technical Overview 2/2

ENM Software (part 2) by Eduardo Ortiz (Projects & Tech Support Engineer)
• Events / Presets
• Netstring buttons
• ENM Dante™ Range
• ENM Hotel MIMO4040DN Example

EclerNet Manager is the software application that lets users build a digital audio system, including hardware devices from the following product families: NXA Powered digital audio managers, MIMO88, MIMO88SG and MIMO1212SG digital matrices, MIMO4040DN Dante™ matrix, DUO-NET PLAYER. DN44BOB Dante™ audio interface, PAGENETDN paging + control interface station and WPNETTOUCH screen control interface.

+info: https://www.ecler.com/audio/software/eclernet-manager.html