Dynamics 365 Marketing: Run webinars and meetings with Microsoft Teams

In this feature overview video series, we highlight new capabilities included in the latest update to Dynamics 365 Marketing.

An increasing number of events are moving to a virtual format. You can manage registrations, communications, and reporting for webinars and interactive meetings hosted in Teams, directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Microsoft Teams is widely deployed, offering a scalable and robust platform for phone and video conferencing. With this Marketing release, you can do the following:
• Create and host live events using Microsoft Teams as the webinar provider.
• Integrate Teams webinars directly into Marketing events.
• Set up a webinar event as either a Teams live event or a Teams meeting.
• Add event “producers” and “presenters” directly from the Marketing app.
• Allow event check-ins for live events and meetings, bringing visibility to online attendance.

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