Do you want to present fantastic Webinars? Is it time to Polish your Image with The Gutsy GURU?

00:03 Intro
00:30 High Credibility Vs Approach-Ability
01:50 The difference between a PUSH to a PULL in your approach to people
02:10 WHO models this behavior best for YOU?
03:38 The LECTURE note that you want most!
04:00 Don’t Lose your Plate
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Hello, I am The Gutsy GURU.
Just curious, have you ever worked with a presentation coach? This LIVE zoom session was presented on Fri 04/02/2021 to a consultant who needed a ‘little’ polishing so she could SELL MORE at an up-coming challenge.

Jane Herron aka The Gutsy GURU has been a member of National Speakers Association since January 1986 and has trained Students of Success in all 50 U.S. States, 10 Countries.
PLUS she had the pleasure of being a paid lecturer on a ‘working vacation’ through the Panama Canal on Royal Cruise Line.

SHE is a Certified Leadership Coach + National Trainer with Covey Leadership Center and was ranked the Most Motivational Speaker by the California CPA Education Foundation

Jane gained her stage presence working for the largest Seminar Companies in the world:
Covey Leadership Center
National Seminars
Career Track Seminars
Skill-Path Seminars
Professional Education Institute
The Stock Market Institute of Learning

Jane got her NICKNAME “The Gutsy GURU” on a radio show she hosted a few years back.

The name came about because the 1st step into SUCCESS is being glad that YOU are YOU.
So often when you get out of your COMFORT ZONE, you want to retreat, but Jane wants you to advance by shining your light and being so glad that you are you at this time.
SHE is here for you as you move from stumbling block to stepping stone and is the first one to say GEE YOU ARE YOU … or … G U R U and that spells GURU.

The Gutsy GURU is going to teach YOU how to GO FOR IT

G et unstuck
O pen yourself to possibilities

F ocus on what you do want
O bserve where you are now – where you want to be
R ecognize that you have to leave your comfort zone + create a new comfort zone

I nitiate a plan of action
T ake a risk, just do it because gee you are you – be glad that you are you … GURU


Jane addresses both personal + professional topics here on her channel, and when she hits 1000 viewers, she will be able to do LIVE WEBINARS, so please subscribe.

Come over to meet The Gutsy GURU at www.CoachingLeadershipSuccess.com

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BTW – the filming looks fuzzy because I had to EDIT OUT my CLIENT and that put a blur on me
Confidentiality for my CLIENT was on my Agenda … you cannot see HER or hear HER