DEMIO for Webinars how and why I use it for our business

I’ve been using DEMIO since January and really love it.
Last year I was using WebinarNinja which was great – but we kept on having issues with our CRM integration and I couldn’t sync it with Eventbrite.
DEMIO makes it it easy for me to use it alongside Active Campaign – and the interface is super low stress in terms of working things out – plus I love that if I share a screen and come back, my slides are ready at the same position they were when I left them! (it’s the little things)
Because webinars have become such an important part of what we do, I wanted to make sure we had a platform that was easy to use and engaging.
I LOVE Demio!
Here’s the link to check it out: https://demio.com?fp_ref=identify
(this is my referral link – you get a $25 credit if you use it and subscribe 🙂 )
Here’s a wee breakdown of the things I especially love

– easy to send workbooks and exclusive “thank you for showing up materials”
– Polls to gauge levels and understanding
– Easy chat
– Can turn people’s microphones and video on to welcome them on stage (I haven’t tried this yet!
– Pop up calls to actions with links for them to click
– AWESOME analytics
– It looks SHARP