David Schloss: How To Use Facebook Ads To Load Up Webinars

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David Schloss is one of the foremost expert when it comes to social media marketing and conversion optimization, and he specialises in Facebook advertising and Instagram video advertising. Not only is he a daily practitioner – using the platform EVERYDAY, he is connected to some of the biggest influencers in the digital marketing space. WE both picked up a couple new things during this episode, and are sure the same will be true for you.

Today, you’ll discover David’s journey from SEO and Video Marketing to become one of the most sought after Facebook ads consultants. David will also be sharing how he sets up Facebook ads to fill up webinars for his clients.If your current ad campaign is not filling your webinar, if you feel you are BLOWING through cash with little to no result to show for it, then you want to listen to this episode.