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In this video satyam Sangeet and Arshad khan will be talking on their website called CompObelisk.

This is a website where you will find all the latest news in Machine Learning, Computational Biology and Python and Bioinformatics. You can read about the individual topics which will be updated regularly with all the details.
We host multitude of projects and courses that target the broad field of Bioinformatics, Python & BioPython, Computational Biology and Machine learning.
We also bring to you a comprehensive GATE Biotechnology test series so that you can get benefit from this coursework which will include 12 exhaustive question papers purely GATE pattern, followed by a post exam question paper solution and analysis. Doubt clearing session with some important tips and tricks of how to attempt numerical, mathematical as well as HOTS question.
This is the right time to register yourself for the course as only 3 months are left for the exam. Give yourself and extra boost to crack GATE Biotechnology 2021.
We are also organising a webinar on the uses of molecular docking software “Autodock Vina”. This webinar will cover indepth uses of Autodock software that will provide you an edge over others competing your field. The respective forms for GATE test series as well as Autodock webinar can be found on our website (https://sites.google.com/view/compobelisk/gate) and (https://sites.google.com/view/compobelisk/ad)

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