Cardiology and EKGs Crash Course -Archer NCLEX Webinars

Archer Review – CARDIOLOGY – webinar. Archer Review, a comprehensive reviewer for NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, and Nursing School exams is focused on making quality and comprehensive test prep affordable to every nurse all over the world. Combine these crash courses along with Archer’s highly popular NCLEX Qbanks with 2500 Qs that have consistently achieved a 98% pass rate. In addition, these TOPIC-WISE reviews have been extremely helpful for STUDENT NURSES all over the country to face their nursing school exams more confidently.

This 2-hour Cardiology crash course is one such webinar and will precede several content review crash courses to strengthen your concepts and face NCLEX more confidently. The idea of this webinar is to:
1. Go over all frequently tested NCLEX concepts in Cardiology – Anatomy, Congenital heart diseases, Arrhythmias, EKGs, Shock, CAD, CHF, hypertension, and many more!
2. Assessment, Prioritizing your actions, client education, reduction of risk potential, and nursing interventions.
3. Provide you with challenge quizzes throughout the course after every class of medications. You may actively participate by entering your answers or asking questions during Q and A sessions. Get your doubts clarified and understand concepts!

Syllabus ARCHER NCLEX RAPID REVIEW :- https://www2.slideshare.net/usmlegalaxy/rapid-content-prep-nclex-archer-review

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