Budgeting 101: Can I Afford That? | Webinars by SPE | Jeremy Dworshak

What’s your salary requirement?
Then, how do you know you’ll make enough?!

You’re nearing graduation; Yeah!
Cannot wait to start getting multiple job offers; double Yeah!
Now you have multiple job offers; oh Crap!
How do you choose which one to pick; double Crap!

Hopefully this webinar will help put some quantitative decision making around a very complex choice: what job offer will you choose to start your career and how do you know you’ll make enough money to thrive?!

Jeremy K. Dworshak is a plastics engineer employed at Steinwall, a custom injection molding company in Minneapolis, MN. His work experience has encompassed technical areas from design, processing, tooling, quality, business management, and senior leadership roles. Volunteering in SPE has given additional exposure to the area of business and finance management. Academically, Jeremy has engineering degrees from North Dakota State and the University of Minnesota. Personally, raising five kids has definitely put some additional focus on personal budgeting and work/life balance.


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