Baby Got Chat Live: Webinars and Chat Marketing

Join Nadine Anderson and me for a discussion on how you can get more success with your webinars with the help of Chat Marketing. Webinars and Chat Marketing are like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs…a match made in heaven. Join us as we discuss how they can help you with your webinars!

Happy New Year! Let’s get back to the Baby Got Chat live show with a bang!

About our Guest Nadine Anderson:
Nadine Anderson is the Owner and Founder of Radium Marketing, a specialist Chat Marketing agency that creates chatbot solutions for online course creators and coaches which dramatically increase conversions and boosts sales all with an engaging and interactive customer experience. Following a highly successful 10-year career in IT sales, Nadine decided to pursue her true passion, online marketing, after discovering the power of Messenger bots. Since then, Nadine has made it her mission to help business owners take advantage of this untapped marketing channel, enabling them to extend their reach so they can serve more people and ultimately make the impact they truly desire.

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