AWS News – SageMaker Savings Plan, DocumentDB, Elasticsearch, UPCOMING WEBINARS & TECH TALKS

We bring a weekly update on the AWS Cloud to all our viewers.This episode talks about SageMaker Savings Plan, DocumentDB end of life support for MongoDB 3.6, AWS Elasticsearch support for version 7.10 plus (enhancements in index performance, templates), Upcoming training and webinars on Cloud Practitioner, Best practices for data protection on Amazon S3, Learning building modern apps using Serverless, containers and more in the month of May.

Links to all news:

Decrease Your Machine Learning Costs with Instance Price Reductions and Savings Plans for Amazon SageMaker

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) support for MongoDB server 3.6 end of life schedule

Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch version 7.10

AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner series on Twitch returns April 26

Online Tech Talk April 28: Best practices for data protection on Amazon S3

Modern Apps Live: Learn Serverless, Containers and More in May. Modern Apps Live is a series of four virtual events:
– Container Day x Kubecon (May 4)
– Serverless Live (May 19)
– Mobile and Front-end Live (May 25)
– Container Day x DockerCon (May 26)


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