Auto Content Cash

If you’re not making $300 an hour right now with your internet marketing business, then this will be the most important letter you read all year.

17 months ago, my partners and I stumbled onto a simple concept that creates unlimited streams of income using almost totally automated systems to pump out cash pulling websites.

These profit streams take just about an hour to set up, generate consistent passive income and are easily sold off for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without ever touching them again.

And the system is so simple, even a child could use it. I know that might sound almost impossible right now and you’ve probably seen pie in the sky promises from other products or people that completely failed to deliver.

However, I intend to demonstrate to you that every word I’ve just said is true, with real evidence and undeniable proof from our own businesses…

And the best part may be that you can very realistically make the system start earning for you quickly and effortlessly even:

Are you tired of chasing your dream of finally being wealthy? Are you tired of commuting to work everyday to find unappreciative bosses and boorish co-workers that drain you of your energy and happiness?

You know that life would be completely different if you could earn from home, or in fact earn passively no matter where you are from something you spent an hour setting up and then never touched again.

You’ve tried hard to find a way to not only increase the money you are making now, but dramatically increase the ease with which it’s made.

You’ve seen others strike it big online, live the lifestyle you want, the cars, the houses, the travel, the family, friend and hobby time and it frustrates you that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to crack the code.

And on top of that, the world of opportunity is stock full of shallow water sharks, scammers and liars that would tell you anything to turn a buck.

And so you don’t even know where to start, who to believe and have zero confidence when trying something new that you aren’t totally wasting your time and money on a wild goose chase.

You can’t free up enough money to start a real business. You can’t free up enough time to do it or acquire the skills you would need and you feel trapped.

The years go by without mercy and you are no closer to the solution that will allow you work less, make more money, own the toys you want and do the things you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

You know you deserve better and that your family does too, you want to be their hero and you see others doing it all around you… If only *you* could do it…

But first let me tell you, if you’ve tried at all to make money online before and failed miserably time and time again, it’s not your fault.

And I’m not just saying that. Let me inject a dose of realism into the other systems out there and the results you may have experienced.

Now let’s put those scams to rest first. They just don’t work. They sound good to people that don’t know any better and they manipulate our greed impulses, but there is no such thing as magic money…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve made millions with those methods and they work like gangbusters when and if you master the skills required.

You can’t just jump in and start earning and the fact that others suggest you can has more than likely caused you to lose money, lose time and perhaps lose hope.

Hi quality writing in English which is hard work even for native English speakers and near impossible for foreigners

Copywriting and conversion skills: this is expertise which is gained over a lifetime! Top copywriters make millions if not tens of millions a year. It’s a science and an art, and unless you’re a uber genius, there is a snowball’s chance in hell you can master it in anything less than a matter of years. (or you could pay for it, but expect to pay $10,000 and up which is what decent/good copy costs)

You need to spend a lot of money before you make any at all, to pay for ads (and you need to be willing to lose thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars getting it right, everyone I know that has made it in that arena has…)

Bottom line is, these methods work and they work well, if and only if you’re an expert with time and money on their hands willing to put in a ton of effort.

And realistically, when you are stuck in the day job cycle, you don’t have the time, money, expertise or energy to make it happen.

Truth is, you need something far simpler that you can harness within days or even hours and begin earning with even if you’re on a very tight budget, can only put in an hour a week and your top expertise is in channel surfing.

This is a simple system laid out in plain English with 3 main modules where we demonstrate step-by-step, in writing AND on video how we harness the system to make passive income of up to and over $300 for every hour worked.

You might not find this sexy and your friends won’t either, but it will immediately make your time worth about $300 an hour.

Now as I’ve told you, I have made millions selling products and doing affiliate marketing and my partners have done extremely well in those arenas too.

But there was this one big fat stinking problem beyond those I’ve already talked about: you have to do it over and over again or the money dries up.