ASC Webinars: CTFs and Bug Bounty Hunting and Their Relation To Professional Work – Ibrahim Mosaad

Arab Security Conference Webinars are important and necessary for the industry and for each of us, individually, because they help bring together the community. What’s more, innovation often spurs after having a meaningful discussion with a peer or a mentor, or after being part of a conversation on your favorite topic in the field of information security.

Webinar Title: CTFs and Bug Bounty Hunting and Their Relation To Professional Work
Webinar Abstract: The webinar speaks about CTFs and their types. Bug bounty and the different platforms. The relationship between CTFs, bug bounty and real-life work and how they can be advantages or disadvantages.

Speaker Name: Ibrahim Mosaad
Speaker Title: Security engineer at Facebook, UK
Speaker Bio: Ibrahim Mosaad is a security engineer working in the product security team at Facebook. Their responsibility is to enable software engineers to move fast and securely. They try to make it very easy for software engineers to write secure code and difficult to introduce any security bugs. They are responsible for the security of Facebook products which spans across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus.
He has been interested in security since I was 13 years old. His journey started when he did not know what the word “hacking” means. Looking up for the definition was his entry point to security. Since then, he started to read more about security and dived into the field. he decided to study computer engineering and followed it up with MSc in information security.
Before Facebook, he used to work as a penetration tester/security consultant. As a penetration tester, he tried to find security issues from a black-box perspective. In the product security team, they almost do the same but from a white-box perspective. My main focus at Facebook is to improve our static analysis efforts to automatically detect most of the security issues.