An Inside Look Into The Digital Machine Shop | Digital Manufacturing Webinars

We’ve all heard that digital technology is changing the face of the modern machine shop. But unless your job is to report on new technologies, it can be hard to follow the deluge of new advances. It’s even harder to know which ones will work in your operations.

Join our industry experts Wolf Kolb, Head of European Operations and MD at Tulip, and Dr. Damir Hrnjadovic, Managing Director of DMG Mori as they introduce you to machine shop-specific uses for digital technology at DMG Mori and walk through Tulip’s way of looking at the digital machine shop.

In this webinar, we’ll look at:
-What is the state of digitalization in the machine shop
-What the current needs are for manufacturers and the different ways digital technology is transforming machine shop manufacturing.
-How the digital machine shop needs to be transparent, connected, integrated, and open