Ajua Webinars: How COVID-19 has Jumpstarted the 4th Industrial Revolution

Digitization and Harnessing of Data

Who this is for: CIOs, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Customer Experience Professionals, Operations Managers, General Managers, Business Owners and Supervisors.

What are we covering:
1) Digitization of Data
2) Harnessing Data

Why the webinar:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution describes the fundamental changes in the way we live and work due to the adoption of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed that decision-making and deployment for businesses globally are still made off of assumptions, using outdated data collection processes that leave crucial blind spots.

Dr. Bitange Ndemo, ICT specialist & Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi’s Business School and Ajua Board member will be leading a discussion on how COVID-19 has Jumpstarted the 4th Industrial Revolution. Register today to join Ajua’s webinar series on Tuesday 21st April, 2020 from 11 a.m. (EAT).

About Ajua
Ajua is Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company for businesses on the continent. We exist to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.

For enquiries on registration and more information on how you can participate in future webinars, please contact:
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