Ajua webinars: Data Protection & Privacy – What it is & why it matters for the enterprise

Who this is for:
Data Protection Officers, Data Scientists, CPOs, CIOs, CTOs, Product Developers, Customer Experience Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs, Operations Managers, General Managers, Business Owners and Supervisors.

What are we covering:
1. What is and Why Privacy Matters
2. Basic Terminologies (Personal Data Types, Data Controllers, Data Processors, Data Subjects, etc)
3. Obligations for Data Controllers
4. Data Subject Rights
5. Risks and Opportunities.

Why the webinar:

Data is the world’s most valuable resource. Tech giants Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are the most valuable listed firms in the world with ever-surging profits. More companies both locally and globally understand that in order to stay alive and thrive, they need to understand their customer expectations. As such, businesses are using consumer data to know what makes consumers buy products in order to meet their customers’ needs.

However, as businesses continue to amass more data, this means that they also possess the personal information of millions of customers. It is crucial that companies keep sensitive data and information private in order to protect customers’ identities. For this reason, data privacy laws, have been set up to focus on the rights of individuals, the purpose of data collection and processing, privacy preferences, and the way organizations govern personal data of data subjects. Some of these laws include Kenya’s Data Protection Act of 2019 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just to name a few.

The reality, however, is that many businesses are still not ready to comply with data protection laws and risk incurring significant fines, as well as tarnishing their reputations. This webinar explores data privacy pitfalls companies must avoid.

Join John Walubengo, MSc, BSc, CISA, Data Protection Officer, Ajua, ICT lecturer Multimedia University of Kenya as he leads a discussion on how addressing and implementing comprehensive privacy protection brings business value.

John was appointed to two critical Taskforces looking into emerging technologies and policies in Kenya namely the National Taskforce on Data Protection and the Taskforce on Blockchain & AI. He is an avid scholar with a series of publications as well as contributing to a weekly column on topical ICT issues in one of the largest dailies in East and Central Africa.

Register today to join Ajua’s webinar series on Wednesday 20th May, 2020 from 11.00 a.m. (EAT – Kenya time) or 9.00 a.m. (WAT – Nigeria time).

About Ajua
Ajua is Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company for businesses on the continent. We exist to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.

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