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In case you’re unaware of Facebook’s recent changes regarding user created Pages and Applications, here’s a brief summary.  As of October 1st all user generated Facebook Pages and Applications utilizing iframes now require a secure SSL connection.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make those fancy pages with like to reveal features, user comments, sharing, etc and was pretty much stopped in my tracks by Facebook’s new SSL requirements for pages and applications since I don’t personally have an https connection on the websites I was using to make my pages and applications.

Luckily though I came across a bad ass solution from a friend of mine Daniel Tan, which takes care of the SSL issue FOR YOU by providing an application that allows you to create customized, really snazzy Facebook pages on their own secured server!

This is awesome because not only can you create an unlimited number of custom pages on Facebook with all the nifty features such as the ‘like to reveal’, corporate layouts, product stores and more within Facebook, but you don’t have to deal with the secured connection requirements on Facebook because the custom pages you create are actually on a secured URL.  This is awesome.

The solution is called the Elements Plus.  Once you get ahold of it you’ll get set up with your own personal custom page creation platform that is 100% drag-and-drop simple!  You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates, create your own templates, use many awesome built-in features and create those awesome viral fancy Facebook pages at will.

No technical experience or know-how is required to use this thing, it’s drag and drop even a 5 year old could build a viral Facebook page in like 5 minutes with this thing.  I invested in it myself and am absolutely excited to have something so cool and easy to use.

Click here to check this thing out, you don’t need that pain in the ass SSL certificate on your sites or to create awesome pages that are more than just a ‘wall’ and some random ‘discussions’.  We’re talking full fledged user interaction here.  Like to reveal, premium layouts, storefronts and all that.

There’s more than 50 videos in there and so many new ideas I wasn’t even aware of before diving into this.  I know a lot about marketing and SEO in particular but Vinay’s got some really cool strategies inside the Free Traffic Wiz.  By far one of the most value packed products I’ve seen about traffic generation in a long time.

The Free Traffic Wiz is currently selling for $47 and the price will go up to $77 in the next week or so.  BUT, I’ve got a discount link for you so you can get it for even less than the $47 price tag.  If you’re one of my subscribers make sure you check your inbox because I’m sending out the discount link via email on May 18.

Especially when the competitions begin during some of the high profile launches, most sales gets this, second place gets this, so on and so forth.  The super affiliates all take advantage of offering ‘bonuses’ to increase conversions and drive more sales to the product.  After every product launch there are more and more people whom seek out the best ‘bonuses’ before they purchase a product, or if they haven’t heard of it already, they’ll be more than willing to buy through your link just for that reason.   So, long story short, offering up and delivering bonuses to your subscribers/visitors will significantly increase your conversions when promoting affiliate products.

So, although this is a great way to make big, quick money as an affiliate, if you drive a lot of sales it’s a lot of work to send out bonuses to everybody who bought your recommended product via your affiliate link.  Often times you’ll see, “just send me an email and include your Clickbank receipt number and I’ll send your bonus right away!”  I’ve don this before as well, until I discovered this great tool that automates this process.

Basically what it does is, allows anybody who buys through your link, to put their name, email and Clickbank receipt number into a form and get access to the bonus automatically.  This program automatically verifies whether or not that receipt number was generated by an affiliate sale through your link.

This is great because if the person didn’t actually buy the product through your affiliate link, or at all, you don’t have to manually search your Clickbank account to find out, this program verifies it automatically for you and if the sale wasn’t generated via your affiliate ilnk, sorry, they don’t get their bonus.

So if you have a list or a website that gets a lot of traffic, you can use this software to automatically deliver bonuses as an incentive for people to buy through your link.  If you have an ebook, software or something else of value you can use that as your bonus and significantly increase your conversions as an affiliate.

With this tool, all you have to do is send out an email to your list, offer your bonus and the URL at which they can grab their bonuses without having to wait for you.  Providing real value to your visitors, subscribers and/or customers will not only make you more money and increase your conversions but it will keep these people respecting you, and buying from you again.

Click here to check it out, read some of the specs and see if it’s something that will make you more money as an affiliate.  Please do excuse the really ‘old school’ sales page, lol, the pic of Adrian at the bottom needs a little bit of Photoshop love too his hair looks a bit choppy!

If you’re big into promoting product launches as an affiliate, or even sell Clickbank products as an affiliate in general, this software will definitely either increase your conversion rates…