9 Zoom Webinar Tips and Tricks Every Host Should Know #feisworld #zoomwebinar

In this video, I break down 9 features and best practices every Zoom webinar host should know.

Zoom Webinar has some more advanced and (less familiar features) EVEN if you are already a pro at running regular Zoom meetings.

Show notes:
00:00 Introduction
01:57 Giving someone co-host privilege
02:12 How to switch someone between being a panelist vs. attendee
03:20 Enable practice session and how it looks inside the webinar
03:50 View options for attendees! Host View vs Active Speaker View vs. Gallery View
05:45 Additional options under “More” inside Zoom Webinar
06:20 Q&A feature inside Webinar (Raise hand, ask a question, etc.)
08:00 Polling in webinar and best practices (create questions ahead of time!)
10:20 Livestream from within the webinar (info card – Restream livestream from Zoom)
11:00 How to enable custom livestreaming for Zoom webinars

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