4. Introduction to Community Share Offers. Next Generation Community Solar Webinars

Simon Borkin from Cooperatives UK outlines the main facets and features for raising community shares for renewable energy projects – the key considerations concerning the business model, governance, community engagement, and the share offer proposition itself.

The session also shares the tools and techniques needed to mobilise and engage your community ahead of raising investment as well as introducing the Community Shares Standard Mark – the best practice scheme for community share offers

This series of introductory webinars were delivered for prospective directors of CORE community energy organisations as part of the Next Generation programme. They were principally aimed at new directors, though more seasoned practitioners may find them equally useful.

Working closely with Community Energy England other Community Energy networks, the Next Generation programme is ensuring that all emerging materials, resources and learnings are made available to the whole community energy sector.

Find out more at www.next-generation.org.uk