#4: Analyzing global sea-level and temperature data | SLR Curriculum Webinars

Fourth webinar in the sea level rise curriculum webinar series.

Title: Sea Level Sensor Project + available data from sensors
Ft. Pulaski historical data- tides (connect back to sea-level rise, coastal flooding)

Website: https://secoora.org/education-outreach/sea-level-rise-curriculum/

About the Curriculum:
Coastal communities are experiencing an increase in coastal flooding due to storms, king tides, and sea level rise. Educating students on these issues is not only a great science and math exercise, it increases informed-decision making on adapting to climate change-related trends.

Educators from Georgia Institute of Technology created a curriculum for middle school students using the 5E Model of Instruction to actively investigate climate change and the phenomenon of sea level rise. The curriculum sets up the foundational science and asks students to use real data to create data visualizations of sea level rise. Students will spend time brainstorming methods that they can use mitigate the effects of climate change.

Click for an overview of the curriculum: http://secoora.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Sea-level-5E-Model-Plans-Georgia-standards.pdf

Email communcations@secoora.org for a copy of the curriculum.