⚡️ 10 Secrets To Be More Energetic & Engaging In Webinars

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Do you want to know the secret formula to have more energy and more engagement in your webinars? A lot of people have asked me this question, why am I webinars so energetic and engaging?

And in this video, I will be breaking it down to the 10 secrets that have actually helped me create more stickiness in my webinars, and how people stay till the end and people find it very refreshing when they finish my webinar.

The first thing I can think of is your diet, like, what are you eating? And what is, what are you putting into your body even before you go to your webinar? I mean, I would never eat a full-fledged meal before I can go webinars because I’ve done this in the past and I’ve, and I’ve noticed my own energy going down.

So I would come in that you eat healthily, you eat the right kind of stuff. Don’t overload yourself with a lot of food before you get into the webinar, this will have a direct impact in your energy levels during the webinar, many people miss out at this point, but it’s a very important point to keep in mind.

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The second thing is, I want you to set an intention before the webinar, your webinar, to be able to be so much more engaging. So for example, like a minute before I start my webinars, I just closed my eyes. And I said, the intention, I put the intention out saying that, you know,

In this video, I am going to reveal 10 secrets and if you use these techniques you can have more energy in your webinar.

Energy is everything, energy can help you connect with an audience and helps you to generate sales

Watch the full video take notes and I would like like to know what are the top 3 points you are going to work on for yourself.